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South Yorkshire Solo Artists

Artist: David Michael Hirst
Genre: Rock, Reggae Location: Barnsley
URL: Facebook
Info: I am a controversial songwriter of many styles but I am heavily influenced by reggae and try to bring out the sunshine with my music. My background is blues based and this can be heard in my guitar playing. I am currently working on an album in the studio with a band and have some solo stuff waiting to be mastered. I am also a multi instrumentalist and producer. Take a look at my facebook page and click the sound cloud link to see what I do. Follow me on twitter @mrsauce100

Artist: Leon DC
Genre: RnB Location: Sheffield
URL: Soundcloud
Info: Student currently living in Sheffield making music.

Artist: Lauren Tate
Genre: Rock, Acoustic, Blues, Soul Location: Barnsley
URL: Facebook
Info: Lauren is a singer/songwriter working with local producer Bankrupt Brothers. Lauren is co-writing her first EP . Lauren has a good following on You Tube and Facebook.