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Hull Venues

Venue: The New Adelphi Club
Address: 89 De Grey Street, Hull
Postcode: HU5 2RU
E-mail: theadelphiclub@theadelphiclub.karoo.co.uk
URL: Website
Age:18+Who books: Both venue and promoters
Info:The Adelphi is Hull's foremost venue for original live music. We get bands from the local and regional area, as well as national and international acts, covering a wide range of genres. Entry to the front room (wherein you may find the pool table) is always free, what ever is happening in the main concert space. Our real ales are awesome, you'll find us in the 2015 CAMRA Good Beer Guide. We also serve a variety of lagers, ciders, spirits, and St Louis Kriek On nights when there is nothing on, we still open at 8 pm and you can enjoy said real ales at a discount of £1 per pint. We have a small car park, but be advised that space is limited.

Venue: The Polar Bear
Address: Springbank, Hull
Postcode: HU3 1LR
E-mail: darren.bunting@yahoo.co.uk
URL: Facebook Page
Age:18+Who books: Venue books
Info:Music HQ runs an open mic every Tuesday and an original band night once a month on the last Thursday at The Polar Bear and also often also provides sound engineering for the cover acts who play on a Fri & Sat

Venue: Wassand Arms
Address: 99 Wassand Street
Postcode: HU3 4AL
E-mail: darren.bunting@yahoo.co.uk
URL: Facebook Page
Age:18+Who books: Venue uses promoters
Info:Charity Bar (the first in Hull) and has a rock night every Friday and a mixture of live music events/DJs/Private functions on a Saturday & Sunday. Hull social enterprise Music HQ books the acts and helps promote the venue and support the Echoes Charity who run the venue.